Michael Breach is a Brooklyn-based artist who has achieved global recognition for his skill in creating beautiful images and intricate portraits using espresso and steamed milk. His work has been featured in many major publications, print advertising, television programs, and prominent news and culture websites.

Michael began creating coffee art while working late nights as a barista at hip Manhattan hotel. When work was slow, he'd pass the extra time perfecting his latte art, using espresso and milk to express himself and create. Starting out with simple designs, he continually challenged himself with more and more complex images and invented all of his own techniques along the way.

Michael Breach
Michael Breach

He began sharing his work through photographs on various social media outlets, and organically grew a massive following. Before long, he was showcased on Good Morning America and Rachael Ray, and courted by an impressive roster of savvy clientele who to entertain guests at special events. Since then, Michael has traveled all over the United States as well as Australia, South Africa, Scandinavia, Germany, Southeast Asia, Switzerland, the UK, and Kuwait City.

His art represents living in the moment, etched as it is in it's tentative medium, and each work must be savored before it vanishes forever. It represents his enjoyment of coffee, humor, popular culture, entertaining others, and the therapeutic process of creating the art itself.

He is originally from Baltimore, and moved to Brooklyn, NYC in 2010 where he currently lives.